Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Whites

-Saint "M" Riesling from Germany. I must say that it paired up very well with my light seafood salad. It's a bit crisp but it contains enough flavor and mildness to make you continue your journey into the bottom of that glass. Its body was very light, almost see-through. Its aroma reminded me of peaches and light fruits while leaving its acidity at the end of its journey down my throat.

- Kendall Jackson Chardonnay from Sonoma in California- A true American classic. Its full tropical wild flavors made me picture myself in a Caribbean island eating a big, juicy lobster tail. Its aroma was very buttery. But it's that same butter which opens your appetite for an oily and buttery seafood dish such as lobster, crab, or even grilled shrimp. Definitely would like to open up later with my grilled prawn dinner finished off with extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil and tomatoes.

- Ponzi Pinot Gris, Willamette- From the Northwest of the U.S.A comes this med-full 100% Pinot Gris. Great with some pasta. Would love to pair it with a Farfalle and putanesca sauce finished with lump crab meat. Its aroma of pears, figs and finishing of apples makes it tasty, yet sweet enough for the average Monday night homemade dinner.