Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2003 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

I must say that I'm glad I'm back on this blog after three weeks on hiatus. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away. And I've also been working on other writings.

I tasted the 2003 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon recently and I must say it was delicious. It started with a powerful nose of vanilla, tobacco and cedar. This brought me to a delight because I knew I was about to taste an amazing wine. This full-bodied Sonoma County delight brings 4 grape varietals and a great taste.

You will find dark berries, cedar, leather and spices in this rich Jordan. It's one of the most sold Jordans in the United States. And it's with elegance and a great finish that this wine makes its popularity.

Get that Filet Mignon, cheese and NY strip out and enjoy.