Thursday, August 5, 2010

Loving The Vino...South Florida Style

Hello South Florida. I hope you have been enjoying your iVino and vino lately.
And I hope you've been staying out of trouble.

Well, after all the previous ranting I did against that H.R. 5034 (By the way, did I mention it would end Direct-To-Consumer wine sales...) I think it's time for me to move on to other things.

I know that most people think of a "wine event" and a "wine tasting" as a sophisticated, refined event that only "rich" and "educated" people do.
O.k., well here are some breaking news: THAT IS NOT TRUE.
With the ever changing landscape of new media and the Internet, more and more people are attending wine events. These same people are realizing that regardless of your age group, (obviously, 21 and over) economic standing, and "knowledge" of wine, moderate wine drinking opens conversations, brings different backgrounds together and benefits our health. Don't be intimidated by Vino. It's just a drink.

That is why I'd like to suggest you attend the Miami Beach's Veiled Wine Society next gathering. No intimidation here, just simply vino and contributions to the community. I've been to a couple of these and I gotta tell you: These folks do a lot of good for our community. Not only do you, as an attendee, get to taste all sorts of wine but you also get to contribute to a local non-profit.
I'd like to congratulate the folks at the Miami Beach Veiled Wine Society for such great work and I hope you can help them continue.
Check out their website for more information:


Please wine responsibly, and as always, Salud!