Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some American Cabernets

I've tasted a few Cabernets before. In fact, a good amount to say I like most American Cabs. After tasting a 2002 Insignia today I fell in love. No, there wasn't someone with me. I must say that this luscious wine hits all the right points. From its nose to its body and taste this Joseph Phelps Insignia kept me thinking of my love for dry reds. Its delicious aroma full of spices and its oakiness took me on a trip to a far away part of California all while staying in Miami. It's a very elegant wine that finishes with strong tannins and a full palate of plums and tobacco.

I also got a chance to taste the 2005 Groth Cabernet. A delicious wine with a full body and a strong finish. It'll leave you craving for more due to its complex body. It will remind you of cassis and blackberries while engaging your mouth in a sea of full tasting. A true pleasure.