Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here come the Cabs

I know this weekend is the South Beach Wine and Food Festival and thousands will be enjoying different wine selections from all over the world. Of course, I'm sure they are a bit more apprehensive in regards to how they spend their money these days due to the global financial crisis.
But, regardless, people will be enjoying wine. In fact, an article came out this week in The Miami Herald which stated that despite the financial turmoil people are still buying wine but simply at lower prices.
So, of course, here I am again with some delicious Cabs.
This is a favorite of many and one I'd not tried until recently: The 2006 Silver Oak Cabernet from Alexander Valley.
It's quite intense, full of tannins and with plenty of body. Delicious from top to bottom. Hints of black cherry and cedar linger your mouth after this one.

Of course, to top that one off it takes a lot. However, at a much lower price there is the Conn Creek Cabernet 2004 from Napa Valley. It's still powerful and full with a blackberry, toasty feeling to it. A definite try!

Finally, for now, another Cabernet but from down in Valle Rapel, Chile.
The Walnut Crest 2007 Cabernet. It's silky and full of aroma. Not quite as powerful and intense, but with a lot of richness in taste and flavorful. Pair it up with some Ribeye tonight.

More updates to come very soon. But for now I hope you enjoy. Salud!