Sunday, January 11, 2009

I apologize about the hiatus...but I'm back (Again)

Well, it has been a long time. I must say I miss writing this.
The past few months have been an adventure. My most recent taste
is the Chateau St. Jean (2005) Merlot from Sonoma County, California.
It had a great aroma and start. The pour from the bottle to the glass was
breathtaking. There were lots of black cherry, dark chocolate and definitely
dark cherries in its end. Great nose and palate, overall.

During the holidays, I also had a chance to encounter a couple of other wines:
I must say for its value ($15-$25) range the Veramonte Primus (2004)from Chile was delicious.
Its complex dark cherry notes, cocoa and cassis gives this wine a complex, yet refined taste.
Its smokiness and fleshness gives your accompaniment (meat, poultry or pork) a great end.

Finally, I must say the California Lotus Merlot (2006) had a pleasant touch to it. A mid-palate taste with some hints of mineral, berry and plum set the mood for a mild tone.
A definite second try will be forthcoming by me in the near future.