Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Less Government For All" Florida Legislature Is Back At It Again With More Regulation That Will Affect Small Boutique WineMakers

So, once again the "I want government out of our lives (except when in comes to introducing bills that benefit my contributors)" Florida legislature is back at it. Here's the rundown: If you live in Florida, like to purchase wine produced in other states and have it delivered to your home (or personally bring your purchased wine into Florida from another state) you may not be getting it any longer pretty soon(Because of extra regulation and fees wine makers will have to pay) if 2 related bills (Currently in Committees in the Florida House and Florida Senate) make it through the legislature and are approved by the governor.

See, the three tier wine distribution system has control of most of the Vino you drink. Yes, your Vino Drinking Freedom is at risk. Wine distributors and Wholesalers are scared because they know that the emergence of the Internet could have people flock to purchase wine online and have mailed to their homes instead of going to the retailer. The biggest wine makers usually BENEFIT from this three-tier wine distribution system.

OPPOSE Florida HouseBilll 837 and SenateBill 854

The most interesting part comes when you look at who are the contributors of the 2 sponsors (and 1 co-sponsor) of these bills. Don't believe me.

Check it out for yourself and call your Representatives (or other Representatives who support this and tell them not to support these bills):

Here's the full text, so you can read it yourself:

House Version: http://alturl.com/o847u

Senate Version: http://alturl.com/t896e

And here's how you can search for "Beverage Distributors" (or terms alike) in the public records pages of the contributors to the (2010 Campaigns) of the three sponsors of these bills:

Florida House of Representatives

Chris Dorworth- http://alturl.com/yi7it

Jimmy Patronis - http://alturl.com/ajmr3


Florida Senator

Joe Negron - http://alturl.com/6szok

I did all the homework for you. All you need to do now is call and/or e-mail your representative (if you don't know who that is, you can simply go to http://www.flhouse.gov or http://www.flsenate.gov and search by entering your address) and tell
them to OPPOSE these bills. (HB837 and SB854)

So, the next time you can't get that tasty Vino you tasted in Oregon or Ohio (or anywhere else) you may now know why.

Salud To Vino Freedom!