Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ft.Lauderdale Wine Fundraiser Today!

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.
The summer is approaching us rapidly and the humidity is certainly settling in. However, as we approach these warmer days, we must remember that there are lots of delicious red wines that are moderately priced and quite refreshing. In other words, don't only think of summer as the season to drink white wine only.

And as I mentioned to you earlier this week, we must look at wine as something that is subjective and a drink that allows us to exchange ideas and opens new conversations. It is also a beverage associated with many charities and causes. So it brings me to my next point:
Hey, here's a great wine fundraiser going on today (All for a good cause):

Team Christine Wine Fundraiser
South Floridian Christine Anderson, 24, has been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and needs your help.
There will be a fundraiser going on today from 4 to 7 p.m. at the 2000 Marietta Drive in Ft. Lauderdale for her.
$15 donation charge at the door which will include wine-tasting and appetizers. They are asking for cash or check only.

This will be a multi-state event which will take place in tandem with events in Georgia and Boston.
There will also be wineglass decorating ($5 per glass) and a silent auction.

Hope many of you are able to assist with this cause.