Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back in Sunny and humid Miami...passing by Sunset Place

So all of you know that there are plenty of wine tasting spots these days across South Florida. From wine distributor centers (turned wine tasting rooms) to wine bars and wine shops, we all enjoy going to these different places to have some great wine.
I had heard about the place I'm going to mention to you on here but I honestly had not gone because word-of-mouth was that it was expensive. See, although I believe wine bars have to make money, I'm very much against people being ripped off. However, one can't always trust word-of-mouth.

I decided to stroll into Cavas wine tasting located right around the corner from Sunset Place and Bougainvillea's in South Miami.
When I came in, I was automatically greeted by one of the Cavas employees who gave me a full rundown of how the wine tasting works. This is a quite friendly and open staff who I could tell enjoy what they do.
Staff greeter held my credit card and swapped it with a Cavas card. I walked around the wine bar and used my Cavas card almost like a debit card as I poured small portions into my tasting glass (You can also enjoy a mid-size or a large pour for a higher price).

Prepare that wallet though. Prices do vary per wine and some small wine pour prices are in the $5 range and higher.
Seating is comfortable and very casual. There are couches right by the entrance where you can sip that tasty red while people watching the South Miami crowd.

Overall, a pleasant experience that I will enjoy again.
Recommend you try it out just watch that Cavas card doesn't run too high.