Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tasty Wines For A Good Price

We all know we are in tough times. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy a good wine to get us away from our daily stress. Besides, not to be cliche, but life is short. Drink some red wine!

After trying a Balduzzi Cabernet Reserve from Maule Valley Chile, I must say I felt a bit relieved from my daily routine.
At a very affordable price, what Balduzzi brings to the table is more than your average vino. A bit of a dry cherry and firm taste along with some tannins and a mild aroma.
You should enjoy this tasty bottle with some mixed cheeses. Price range is $12-$25.

Another flavorsome red I tried recently is the Casa de La Ermita Petit Verdot. It comes from the wine-making municipality of Jumilla in what we call in spanish "La Madre Patria" (Spain).
Although Jumilla is very well known for its Monastrell varietal, this Petit Verdot touches several parts of the tongue that will make you wanting more. Its aroma is intense but its taste is even better. Look for spices and tannins as well as some dry tastes.
The best part of all: It's affordable. Look for it in the $18-$35 range.

If you think I'm a red Cab type of guy, you're correct.
One last one for now:
The Montes Alpha Cabernet 2006 from Colchagua Valley in Chile is one of those reds you grow to like. The first time I tried it I must say I was not too pleased with it. However, after giving it a second shot, I felt much better about it. It's a mild aroma and light tannins blended very well. I enjoyed that it wasn't overbearing and extravagant, but rather mild and classic.
Very affordable. Price range $12-$20.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis has hit all sectors of the economy. But you can still enjoy delicious wine at a low price.